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BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation provides basic needs as well as emergency services to its citizens; for which municipal Engineers work round the clock. Municipal Engineers are spread not only all over the Mumbai City but also at the remote places such as dams, reservoirs, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Purification Plants.


In 1956, Engineers from different projects & ward offices formed a union and same was registered in 1959 as ‘Trade Union’. Eminent Civil Engineers from Private Sector like Mr. Nadir Shah, Senior Civic Engineers like Shri L. G. Dhaygude (who retired as HE later on), Shri V. D. Desai (who became DMC (SE) later on) were Office Bearers of the Union. The symbol of Union specifies that, the decentralised Engineers are gathered under one roof & unite to make a nation strong.


The main agitation carried out by the Union single-handedly was for the revision of Conveyance Allowance and encashment of Half Pay Leave at the time of retirement. Union also took joined agitations regarding revision of grades, D.A. with other unions as a constituent. Shri. M. S. Rao (who retired as Ch. Engr. (DP) later on) was back-bone of the Union for considerable period, during which majority of the decisions in favour of Engineers were taken due to consistent pursuance with administration.


Presently various isssues such as implementation of Sixth Pay, Time-bound Promotions, Reinstatement of Conveyance Allowance, various problems of retired engineers etc. are being taken up with the Administration.